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Modern Dance

Dance Classes 

Welcome to the Downtown Social's Dance Page! We are excited to have you all apart of this journey.  Our space is a state of the art historic build that has the space to accommodate up to 20 students per session. We currently are looking for 7 students per class by the end of the year for our Teacher Kaitie to teach. Katie has over 20 years of history in dance and currently still does contracts for modern dance and ballet.  We are confident in her ability to train students with novice and intermediate skill sets. 

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Expectations For Your Child Or You

As you can imagine dance can be a little bit intimidating for different age groups. So we have classes broken up into different skill sets and age brackets.  Due to our classes being small still your child has the potential to advance very quickly with acrobat skills and knowledge that will prepare them for skills they will be expected to know when then are trying out for cheer or their dance classes at school.  

Although the development does vary based off of the child and the "at home" work they do in addition to the class - we are confident that students that practice at home in addition to our classes will advance in flexibility, coordination, technique, and stability for their dance performance.  We encourage students to take 6 months of hands on curriculum for 1 day per week in order to have success in their abilities.  More dance classes are offered for private options through Kaitie on her own schedule.  

In order for a child to do well it is expected for them to come prepared to be ready to dance.  This Link below will provide you with a few items that may make it easier for your child to have confidence while learning the skills necessary to be successful.  We encourage every child or individual to have these items prior to doing certain dance numbers for flexibility purposes. 

Recital Questions

After 6 months we have a child participate in a dance recital that we do seasonally.  The class is meant to prepare the child for on site excellence and confidence for their performance.  As you can probably imagine - if an individual gains confidence in dance they often gain confidence in other areas of their life as well.  

Pricing and Long term Discounts

Prices for the class are free for the first class - this is to see the skill of your child to properly train them for the program.  After the first class each class is $25 per student.  Students are expected to purchase their own items to be prepared for class.  As well as purchasing an outfit for their performance, we will limit costume costs to a maximum of $65 and they will be due 30 days prior to the performance after your 6 months is complete. 

Discounts are available for upfront purchase 

 6 months class period then they will receive $5 off per class paying upfront for all classes - this does not include the costume for the performance. $480 is the 6 month commitment - which is equal to a $120 value! Please keep in mind the 6 months does not include the 1 free assessment class 

​1 year class period will receive an additional $2 off per class giving a full discount $336 and $864 for the year 

Holiday Policies or Missed Dates

For holidays we will always skip the Wednesday before Christmas and Thanksgiving - your date will always be postponed and this will not count against your program

Sick Days - One Sick day is permitted ever 6 months for a reusable class. We do not issue any type of refunds for sick Days s or skipped days.

Out of Town - We understand seeing family and friends is important - for recital dates we will give you a three month notice period to prepare for this event - unless the entire class is wanting to reschedule the event 20 days prior for whatever reason we cannot reschedule this recital.  Out of Town Schedules please notify us 2 weeks prior to your date so we can extend your dance days for your contracted policy. 

Emergency Events-in the case of emergency events we will postpone your dance classes for an extended period of time up to one year to utilize. We do not issue refunds of any sort. 

Payment Plans - Payment plans for discounted rates can be broken into 2 and paid within 45 days of joining the class 

Dance Improvement Clauses - please keep in mind although this is a class it is recommended that you or your child practice these techniques outside of the class.  We expect your child to put in at least 3 hours of practice to maintain these skills outside of the class.  Flexibility and stability are skills that are maintained and it is important to not assume that if it is learned one time that the body can do things without practice and proper stretching

Photography - If you do not wish your child has any video or social media for the page please make sure that you write an email specifically to titled NO PHOTO DANCE in the line so we can save it to your file. 

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